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Texas  Online Recording Studio. Full music production at affordable pricing!

Texas Online Recording Studio

Remote Online Recording Studio - Music Production

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Bluesman Demo Recorded and Mixed in our Studio

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Welcome to Clear Sound Studio

Clear Sound Studio is a small studio owned by a musician who understandsthat costs of the large studio and the struggles of some musicians not having the monetary means to afford that type of environment.

We know that to make great music, you need homely surroundings,  a combination of good gear, comfortable work area, a relaxing setting, and knowledgeable, capable staff who can work with artists of any level to bring music to the world through quality recording services and artist development. For artists who may not otherwise have the monetary means of getting their music into the ears of the masses. Where quality isnever sacrificed and clients are treated with respect.

Brent,  Barry and the Gang!

World-class recording and music production for the modern artist
ClearSoundStudio | Online Recording Studio

Need Affordable QUALITY Sound?

We deliver affordable service and sound to independent musicians.

Texas Online Recording Studio - Music Production

Affordable Online Recording Studio
The Online Recording Studio
  • Are you a singer/songwriter looking to record your songs at a reasonable cost?
  • You can send us a wav. with a scratch vocal and an acoustic track, We can build your song and bring it to life!
  • Starvin Band needing to do a demo or record your songs?
  • We can even do this online with you!
  • Have tracks that you recorded and need them mixed and mastered?

We are proud of the many projects we have completed at Clear Sound Studio, on site and collaboration.

World-class recording and music production

David Allen

Cover song – Demo
Nashville music production


Blue Perfume

Available on itunes, Spotify, Pandora and More!

Work With Top Producers & Session Musicians

David Allen

Cover song – Demo

What Some Clear Sound Studio Clients say:

The players and engineers helped me to produce a Great Demo! All these guy’s put their heart and soul in the music, providing a top quality professional sound. I highly recommend these guys if your looking for a professional sound production.

-David Allen

Online Recording Studio

Our Engineers and Session Players

Clear Sound Studio utilizes a Great Team of Engineers, Producers and Session Players

Jennifer Carie – Singer/ Songwriter/ Lyrics/ Arrangement

Online Record Studio

Brian Henry – Drums / Percussion / Engineer

Online Record Studio

Ready to turn your song into a masterpiece?

Kevin Pippin – Bass / Acoustic Guitar

Recording Studios Online

Online Recording Studio

Brent Barnard – Electric Lead / Acoustic Guitar,
Texas Online Recording Studio

Smokey Fennell – Pedal Steel Guitar / Banjo / Dobro

recording studio online

Simon Johnson – Bass Guitar / Producer / Engineer

Best Online Recording Studio

recording studio online

Rocky Coward – Electric Lead / Acoustic Guitar

Best Online Recording Studio

ClearSoundStudio has other session players not listed on the site!

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Mon-Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat-Sun: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

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