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Texas Online Recording Studio

Services & The Process

What We Do at ClearSoundStudio

We try to build a good relationship with the artists we work with and
build a solid reputation from the music made in our studio.

Singer/Songwriter – Bands – Voice over
Mixing your music.
$75 per song
Some songs we may outsource mastering services.
$50 per song

Singer/Songwriter and have No Band? No Problem.
We have musicians that can provide the music tracking, then you lay your vocals down.
We do this remotely Online!
Avg. cost is approx. $250 – $800 per song
mixed and mastered.

Already have your songs recorded? No Problem
Send us your song tracks in .wav
format for mixing. This can be done Online also.
$75 per song

Once songs are mixed
We master in house or outsource.
$50 per song

The process is very easy and provides you with Professional results.

To get started:

Start with our order form. Tell us how you’d like your song to be produced. Complete your order and upload a rough sketch of your song/chord sheet to our web site.

Laying Down The Tracks

We’ll start by recording a simple guitar/piano scratch track of your song synced to a click track. From there, we’ll continue to lay down the tracks for your production.
You’ll be able to review, request changes as the process advances. ClearSoundStudio producers will guide and help you through the entire production process.

Recording Your Vocals

Once the instruments are recorded and tracked out, it will be time for you to lay down the vocal tracks. We will send you a rough mix instrumental bedtrack and instructions on how to record and upload your vocals when you get to this stage.
If you’re not a singer, we can help with that. We have vocalists in different styles for both lead and background vocals.

Mixing and Mastering

For the final last step, your song will be mixed and mastered by a ClearSoundStudio engineer. You will then be able to download the final version of your song, review it and request changes if needed.

One Fixed Price with NO Hidden Fees

We have made it easy and very affordable to start the production process.
With a very Limited Special Offer!
Click the “Start Your Production” button now!

Record Your Song

With Pro Session Players
$ 595 One time Special Price
  • Full Custom Professional Production
  • Up to a 6 Piece Full Band with Professional Session Musicians
  • Producer, Engineer, Mixed and Mastered Radio Ready Production

🎤🎧 Booking

Book your session with us. If you have any questions, contact us

✉ Studio@clearsoundstudio.com

🕑 Working Hours

📧 Contact Us

Mon-Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat-Sun: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm


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